GLC4HSR presents a framework to assess health systems resilience at its peer-to-peer learning meeting

Updates Dec 5, 2022

The Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience held its second peer-to-peer learning meeting on September 22. It saw participation from important health systems researchers and stakeholders from around the world. The learning session was held to showcase the proposed health systems resilience framework and indicators developed by ACCESS Health International, the techno-managerial secretariat of the GLC4HSR.

The learning journey at GLC4HSR commenced with an attempt to understand the meaning of health systems resilience and to build a framework to define it. A draft framework was created after literature review, expert consultations, and focused group discussions. The framework was presented to garner feedback and insights from the experts and to form a working group of interested professionals to review and finalize the framework and indicators that can be used for testing in select countries.

The learning session also saw the discussion around the indicators for measuring health system resilience developed by ACCESS Health.  The secretariat sought to invite interested participants to form a working group to finalize and co-own the HSR framework and the indicators.

Some of the salient points that emerged from the discussion at the meeting were the need for a bottom-up approach, ensuring cross-functionality of structures that can operate within district, state, sub-national and national levels, definite indicators, understanding the domains and functional aspects of the framework. The translation of the framework to use, the inclusion of social determinants of health in assessing resilience, using theories to test data were some of the other important points highlighted during the session.

Understanding what we are trying to change and influence, digitalization for resilience, discussions for decision-makers and its curation, the role of the private sector and public-private approach, and routine health system strengthening was some of the key takeaways from the session.

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