Guiding Principles

A collaborative approach to learning can yield greater insight for effective policy action. With a vision to facilitate a synergistic exchange of knowledge among regions, the Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience is being set up as a cross country network of technical experts, practitioners, and health policy actors from both public and private sectors.

The platform is designed to facilitate reciprocal learning and co-creation of knowledge among its members. Members are provided access to resources and tools and are equipped to apply this knowledge towards policy reform to ultimately strengthen their health systems to prevent and manage health and social crises and to secure people’s health.

GLC4HSR’s work areas are identified and driven by its partners and members. It uses a collaborative learning approach that includes multi-stakeholder workshops, cross regional learning exchanges, and virtual dialogue.


Get Involved

The GLC4HSR welcomes association with multiple stakeholders working towards strengthening health and other social systems.