Benefits and Roles


GLC4HSR members can access a variety of resources through the Knowledge and Learning Portal and through interactive learning opportunities. The Portal is a web app hosted through a Learning Management System. It gives members access to knowledge products and learning materials such as:

  • Research studies
  • Manuals and frameworks
  • Curated videos
  • Case compendiums
  • Learning tools and modules
  • Blogs and articles

The GLC4HSR also provides interactive learning opportunities to members through:

  • Chat rooms, support groups, and discussion forums
  • invitation to publish articles and blogs on the portal
  • Facilitating connects with other members in the region
  • Participation in peer-to-peer learning workshops in various thematic areas
  • Participation in flexi fund pilot projects.
  • Participation in the annual GLC4HSR conference and presentation of papers, speaker sessions etc in the forum.
  • Participation in learning session series on key domain area based on needs and interests of the Collaborative
  • Publication of short bulletins comprising project summaries, success stories, achievements, challenges etc


Learning Communities, Interest Groups, and Workgroups

The GLC4HSR secretariat will facilitate standing and ad hoc committees and workgroups to address varied interests of the membership, including current and emerging areas of resilience and member competency development. GLC4HSR’s Governing Council will determine committees and workgroups. GLC4HSR members are engaged to participate based on their individual competencies and interests.

A member could take up the role of country convener, technical advisor, panellist, technical facilitator, member of working group, or a learning member.

Technical facilitator

Any member can choose to become a technical facilitator for specific thematic areas, depending on their areas of expertise. He/She coordinates to gather input from thematic groups. They work to facilitate workshops, tools, and learning sessions. They also help in identifying members for their respective thematic areas.


A member can be invited to be the Convener for the GLC4HSR Chapter at national or sub-national levels. Conveners will be responsible to mobilise members in their respective geographies, organize networking and learning meetings, facilitate context- specific thematic learning activities. A convener will coordinate with the Secretariat’s Project Management Office.

Get Involved

The GLC4HSR welcomes association with multiple stakeholders working towards strengthening health and other social systems.