The GLC4HSR secretariat is housed in ACCESS Health International, a global think tank, advisory group, and implementation partner in health systems. The GLC4HSR is set up with initial funding support from The Rockefeller Foundation.

ACCESS Health International provides the secretarial and technical support function for the Collaborative through its regional offices located in India, Singapore, and China and through its strategic health systems partners in other regions of the world. ACCESS Health has prior experience in founding and nurturing similar organizations from their inception. These include Joint Learning Network (JLN) and India Health Systems Collaborative (IHSC).

Key responsibilities of the Secretariat:

  • Supporting the compiling knowledge through secondary and primary research
  • Curating the information into reports and learning briefs
  • Facilitating debate and dialogue amongst health systems
  • Bringing together various stakeholders for reciprocal learning
  • Providing access to learning resources through the knowledge portal

Get Involved

The GLC4HSR welcomes association with multiple stakeholders working towards strengthening health and other social systems.