Core Philosophy

Who are we?

ACCESS Health International, with initial support from The Rockefeller Foundation has launched The Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience (GLC4HSR) is a multi-country initiative that brings together a network of health systems experts, practitioners, and policymakers with a vision to build better, more resilient, health systems.

The platform facilitates practical and reciprocal knowledge sharing and the co-creation of effective health systems transformation strategies.

GLC4HSR members contribute to the knowledge base of best practices to strengthen health systems, while benefiting from cross-border learnings and collaboration opportunities.

The Purpose

To harness collaborative action to strengthen health systems, to make them resilient and responsive in meeting the health and social needs of all people at all times

The Global Learning Collaborative (GLC) for Health Systems Resilience (HSR) is founded to bring people and institutions across geographies and across multiple levels together to nurture a culture of learning health systems as a means to achieving transformation.

The Vision

To be the creator, curator, and conduit of knowledge and learnings to nurture and strengthen health systems

The GLC4HSR aspires to be the fountainhead of knowledge and learning in the area of health systems. It aims to generate, curate, and disseminate knowledge pertaining to health systems.

As it evolves, it will attract other streams of thoughts and experiences. It will continuously nurture health systems in their journey towards the stated purpose of the Collaborative.

Various channels will collect and disseminate the knowledge and wisdom to students, researchers, policymakers, policy implementers, private sector actors, and the community.

The Mission

The mission of the GLC4HSR is to organize itself into 10 national chapters, have representation from 100 nations, and onboard 1000 formal members in the next five years.

Robust information and communication channels shall interconnect the regional chapters to facilitate the co-creation and sharing of knowledge. The learning products will then be applied towards the transformation of the respective health systems.


Get Involved

The GLC4HSR welcomes association with multiple stakeholders working towards strengthening health and other social systems.